Thank You!

Thanks to everyone who made a difference on Giving Tuesday by donating to the Christ Church Green Groceries Program! Your generosity allows us to purchase locally grown foods like these beautiful turnip greens, which were picked up on Tuesday by participating Green Groceries families along with cabbage, eggs, honey, sausage, and butter beans!

At Green Groceries we believe all people should have access to good, healthy food.  Our mission is to support families in need with farm fresh groceries and to strengthen our local food network by purchasing from Arkansas farmers.

  • Our members receive a bag of in-season groceries every other week.
  • We purchase all our groceries from growers in Arkansas.
  • Green Groceries partners with Christ Episcopal Church, The Arkansas Local Food Network, and referring agencies throughout Little Rock. The program has been going strong for nearly seven years now!
  • 100% of donations go directly to food for Little Rock families in need.

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